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About The Program

C-School is a 12-week on line learning program designed for organisations who want to increase female representation in Leadership roles and provide development that engages women. Providing the right support for women to progress their careers means empowering them with clarity, vision and the ability to make regular progress. Without a roadmap or guidance, the journey can be overwhelming for them.


C-School can fast-track their growth by igniting their the confidence and ambition. We’ve already helped hundreds of women and we would be honoured to work with your organisation too.


The Achieving Woman™ promise is to progress more women to executive roles, by increasing their ambition and confidence. In turn those women, through their ability to handle the pressure, and manage their time between work and life, along with their increased confidence, they will inspire the next generation of female leaders.


Who is the program for?

Whether you want to support women who are just starting out in their career, those wanting to take their successes to new heights or women who are restarting their career after a career break, C-School will help them:


  • Clarify their goals
  • Define their career vision
  • Reignite the excitement about their career
  • Focus their time on the important things
  • Craft a unique personal brand
  • Optimise their networks
  • Leverage their strengths
  • Learn self-promotion strategies
  • Create a raving sponsor network

Does this sound familiar?

  • 1

    Whilst the women in your organisation are very talented they don't seem to have the confidence or aspiration to progress to leadership or executive positions

  • 2

    Women don't have other women around them or above them to inspire them to progress their career

  • 3

    You don't want to 'fix' or 'support' women, instead you want to challenge and empower them

  • 4

    Your organisation has a gender strategy in place but it's not hitting the targets


What you are experiencing is not dissimilar to what we hear from other organisations.

Research from Bain Consulting actually found that women and men start their careers with equal confidence. Yet within two years women's confidence drops by 50% and aspiration by 60%.

McKinsey also found that 80% of women only aspire to be in leadership roles based on other women being around them, inspiring them to do so.

A gender strategy alone won't work. Unconscious bias training alone won't work. Organisations require a combination of these AND programs that are designed to empower women through building confidence and ambition.

C-School gives women the short cuts to gaining confidence and skills to manage and progress their career for now and the life of their career. They will learn the secrets that have worked to take hundreds of women from fear to making real progress with their career. So…can you say a MASSIVE YES to how you would like to empower women…

  • You’d like them to have CLARITY in what they want to achieve in their career?
  • You’d like them to have a deeper sense of CONFIDENCE, that they're on track in their career and that they KNOW how to maintain and/or build momentum?
  • You’d like them to have the SKILLS and MINDSET to double their impact?
  • You’d like them to know SIMPLE and EASY-TO-USE strategies to accelerate their career progress?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above questions, then C-School is the course for your organisation.

C-School is intensive but positively challenging

Let us give you a feel for what your female talent would experience. Having a career you can be proud of requires focus, courage and tenacity. Most of all, it requires consistent action and a willingness to lean in for the short and long term. As the adage goes, give a woman a fish and feed her for a day. Teach her how to fish and feed her for a lifetime. That’s why our primary goal is to empower women with the skills, mindset and confidence they need to make smart career decisions— so these can serve them for the life of their career.

C-School is for passionate women who want to use their talents to have a rewarding and purposeful career.

In Katrina's program I experienced for myself her empathetic, measured and holistic approach to coaching. The program has practical solutions and support that when applied produce real outcomes. I can't recommend Katrina and her program/s enough, she is an outstanding coach.

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Everything is online: there’s no travel required

The entire program is based online so participation can be from home or work.

All course materials, including streaming videos, career tools and additional resources are within our online member portal.

C-Schoolers can ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow C-Schoolers online.

Timing of the program

There are twelve core modules of the C-School curriculum, we release one module per week. Each module contains an individual video lesson plus corresponding career tools to help learners integrate and apply what they learn to their career. Once the initial 12 weeks are complete and all content has been released, they’ll have access to the entire library of training materials inside the member portal and can revisit and review as often as they like.

This approach is designed to give learners the chance to catch-up on the training, reflect and take action if they happen to have other priorities over the 12 weeks of the program.

Learn at your own pace

Learners are provided lifetime access to the training, so they can go through the materials each week as they’re released in the portal, or they can slow things down and work at their own schedule. So if they’re working a full time job, balancing a family, having a baby, or dealing with any big life events during the 12 week program, they don’t need to worry about falling behind. They can revisit and review the materials any time.

Here’s how much time they'll need

We recommend about 60 minutes per week to watch the course content, complete the career tools and engage with the community. Naturally, the more focus and dedication they put into C-School, the more they’ll get out of it.



Guidance, Support & Community

If any participant feels overwhelmed or needs support. Once they join C-School, they’ll have guidance and support from like-minded women in a safe and encouraging environment, as well as our C-School coaches.


  • How to create a rock-solid mindset to achieve their potential
  • Strategies to focus their thoughts positively so they propel their career forward
  • The proven step-by-step framework for defining their goals and achieving them regardless of the obstacles
  • How to move from fear to confidence so that they can be assertive when it counts
  • The secret influence strategies that high achievers use to build trust and credibility with sponsors
  • How to use their physical presence so that there’s alignment with their brand
  • They’ll finish the course with the right mindset, skills and confidence to bring their dream career to life.


There are 12 core learning modules, plus a library of bonus items, to help women develop the ambition and confidence to make real career progress.


Valued at $697

Below are the 3 core modules within Powerful Mindset

Move past the beliefs that are limiting your potential.

Focus your thoughts positively to propel your career forward

Take action where it counts with confidence and courage


Valued at $697

Below are the 3 core modules within Uplevel Ambition

Create clarity of your vision, your purpose, your why.

Get you on path and in the right direction to achieve your goals and vision.

Develop grit so that you are willing to overcome all obstacles to achieve your goals.


Valued at $697

Below are the 3 core modules within Personal Brand

Identify what is unique about you and your brand.

Marketing your personal brand in your authentic way.

Have presence and impact, and own it!


Valued at $697

Below are the 3 core modules within Amplify Network

Build trusting and influential relationships with sponsors, mentors and others.

Leverage the power of your network

Do the right things, the right way with networking.


Katrina empowers women to realise their career potential.

Katrina was a senior executive and had extensive experience in a number of management positions over 20 years including different functional roles across HR, Marketing, Supply Chain and Sales. She is a highly regarded executive coach, speaker, author and facilitator.

Katrina’s simple and practical strategies and tools have been used successfully to enable hundreds of women to progress their careers.

Perspectives from ambitious women

Katrina has been a real source of inspiration to me. Her coaching, including the tools and templates provided with it, have been really useful to help focus my thinking and help me establish what my next steps need to be. I cannot recommend her enough - working with her is a real investment in yourself.


Katrina offers a range of effective tools and methodologies to help people market their talents, improve self-confidence, and achieve their individual career goals. I can’t recommend Katrina highly enough and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.


Katrina is a highly accomplished coach and facilitator who is able to bring out the best in people, so they can truly flourish.



At C-school, we are passionate about increasing female representation at executive level. Help us to achieve that together.

On behalf of myself, our team and the C-School community, we sincerely hope to have the privilege of working with you and your people.